9 tips to maintain a beautiful face

18-11-2017 MANGLER

The face is the first thing people see in us, so that somehow this is our calling card. Herein lies the importance of maintaining healthy and beautiful all the time. Therefore we teach nine tips to help you maintain a youthful and beautiful face all the time.

Avoid stress. Having stress causes the muscles to tense producing this form of head pain, redness, headaches and pains in some different areas of the body. Try not to expose yourself to sunlight for long periods. Use sunglasses with filter to protect the eye. You have a good makeup application. In part to avoid using cheap and poor quality products, remember to remove the makeup before bed doing a facial for it, it can be a face wash with mild soap or special skin. Eat a balanced manner mainly consuming fruits and vegetables, protein and vitamins while avoiding the same way too much caffeine and snuff, as they are the enemies of our skin. Avoid exposure to long electromagnetic radiation because it causes dehydration, peeling, stains. Spend a few minutes a day to perform facial gymnastics, this to relax and strengthen the muscles preventing sagging and fine lines. Enough sleep is essential to maintaining a beautiful face, remember that it is at least 5-6 hours sleep less amount of time alter our systems affecting our health and of course the skin. Drinking plenty of water activates our metabolism which makes the process of removing toxins that the body produces more efficient. This is reflected in a big way in skin health, especially in the face. Smiling beyond stimulating the facial muscles and other muscles 400 including a stomach that can only be stimulated by laughter also helps lower the adrenaline, cortisone substances responsible for stress, increases the immune system, lowers cholesterol among other effects.