As Christmas makeup

29-01-2018 stone888

A natural makeup, which enhances the healthy appearance of your skin, is ideal for these holidays. The time and type of celebration may require greater emphasis on lip color or shades of eyeshadow.


To help you look very pretty in lunches, dinners and parties are held at this time, we detail step by step from a current makeup:


Hide imperfections: After moisturize the skin, use a concealer to cover imperfections. To refine certain features of your face, crosses the center of the face from forehead to chin, and spread it. Apply the base: Choose the one that best suits your skin type and color and equipment: smooth, compact, moisturizing, anti-aging, etc.). Apply the base with the help of a sponge, without forgetting any area of ​​the face. Make up the forehead to the hairline and continues for the rest of the face and neck, resulting in a compact and natural color. Do not forget that the neck should have the same hue as the face for a uniform effect. Also do not forget to put up removers also based on the eyelids and lips, that shadow and crayon can be fixed very well. Color powders and blush: Powders help to unify and avoid brightness, providing a natural tone. Choose similar to your face color. You then apply the blush in a soft salmon, which brings a fresh and natural blush. Highlighting Eye Eyebrows are the frame of the face, so well-defined eyebrows will help brighten up your look. Illuminator uses a pen with two colors: dark eyebrows to fill so they are uniform one and a light to draw the inner frame of the eyebrows and emphasize more the way. For evening, power your look with the following tips: Line your eyes with a black charcoal pencil, draw a line above the lash line of the upper eyelid, it is very important that the line is straight. Dare to extend the line, it is one of the latest trends; then uses a light metallic gray shade to the eyelid, with the help of a brush smudger apply it inside out; with a dark gray shadow over the eyeliner highlights and blend; to give a touch of light to your eyes illuminator uses a tone under the arch of the eyebrows and tear; also employs a black pencil to the lower lid and blend with a sponge. If you want to give more intensity to your look Put false eyelashes, which must place before makeup in order to disguise the connection between these and natural. Color lips: A lipstick is light tan trend in sober up, take it in your purse for touch-ups after dinner. Makeup for a party uses a burgundy lipstick with a creamy texture.