Calvin Klein perfume and experiment sea

30-01-2018 derekcopeatgmailcom

In 2002, Calvin Klein had already managed to prevail in the market thanks to its perfume One unisex fragrance. The images of an androgynous Kate Moss in black and white marked the 90s and met its goal of positioning CK fragrances among the most desired by young people throughout the world. In 2002, however, the firm wanted to be once again at the forefront of the times and launched a curious experiment: Crave. A younger and more economically than we are usually high-end fragrances, presented in the original plastic bottle masculine fragrance. Although most original fragrance undoubtedly resided in their opening notes, an unusual combination of bergamot and starfish. Only perfume that one is aware until today to incorporate the aroma of marine animal friendly, Crave divided waters. Some consider the original note very sensual, with accents of salt, while others are downright nasty. The heart and the base of the fragrance, meanwhile, include notes of coriander, sandalwood, pepper, nutmeg, tonka bean, vetiver, oak moss and musk. The result is an aromatic, persistent and fresh composition, which was very popular among the young audience to which it was addressed. Although generally these young people, to mature, find it too synthetic and artificial for the next stage of his life.


Crave, as all releases fragrance CK, was supported by an intensive advertising campaign paid, at the time, fruit. But the perfume industry continues and Calvin Klein now has decided to discontinue the fragrance. Bad news for some, but it is the ideal opportunity to purchase some bottles opportunity to liquidation price. CK today aims to attract younger audiences with other releases as the latest CK IN2U. Although Crave undoubtedly remain in the memory of perfume lovers for its exotic starfish note that no other fragrance has included today. Womanity, Thierry Mugler, launched in 2010, includes a sophisticated salty note of caviar, but the taste of the sea end there. Perhaps the same CK reuse the original component decides on a new presentation Crave now out of the market. Time will tell.