Considerations buttocks surgery

08-01-2018 buran28

Among the considerations to take into account in the buttock surgery must take the following:

Buttock implants can not help shape the bottom of the buttocks. This can be solved with injections of fat the body of the patient. Fat injections can also be used to sculpt and give a better shape to the buttocks. If you do not want to get implants, there is a method in which Brazilian fat from other parts of the patient to the buttocks body is injected. However, in these cases, approximately 30% of the fat is dissolved soon after, meaning that the process must be repeated constantly. I

Buttocks lift surgery

Surgery butt lift removes excess skin and fat that can cause falls buttocks look, contour also adds to the waist and back of the thighs. The buttocks lift surgery is performed through an incision from hip to hip, lower back. The surgeon removes excess skin below the incision to lift the buttocks and thighs. The excess skin is removed. A buttock lift usually takes about two hours to perform and general anesthesia is used. Most people who have had a butt lift can go home the next day; but the hospital stay may be longer if other procedures are performed simultaneously. There is usually some postoperative pain, but can be controlled with medication. Medication is also recommended to prevent fluid accumulation and to support wound healing. The inflammation can last up to three months and the cosmetic results will be fully visible in a year. It is very important to choose a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in surgery buttocks. Consider see photographs of before and after other patients have been treated at the clinic you have chosen.