Depilation techniques is the variety

22-12-2017 klickinc

Currently, waxing is part of daily life and there are a variety of methods to do so. Depending on the tastes and needs of each person, you will use the most appropriate.


There are people who are more or less hairy than others. Just as there are people who will tend hairs appear in parts for other people it is not common their appearance. For example, there are women who have a small amount of male hormones and leave them some hairs either mustache, beard, belly button, nipples and / or buttocks, which affect femininity, so it is advisable to remove them.


When plucking is wise to know what type of skin you have to determine the most appropriate method.


Among the different methods for plucking are:

Blade: is perhaps the most common method and which usually remove any type of hair, however, does not remove hair at the root, which is reflected in the rapid growth of hair, so that when you opt for This method must be done more often than other me not to mention the itching that occurs in some parts of the body, for example in the intimate area, while the hair is growing. You can also increase the thickness of the hair. Waxing: Waxing can be applied by means of hair removal strips, spatula or roll - on. It has the advantage that the hair takes longer to grow approximately four to six weeks because root is removed. However, to waxing the hair should be long, so you have to wait between sessions. Waxing produces considerable pain and may cause swelling and irritation after making it, so it is advisable to make the best or mode or go to a beauty center, which use products such as aloe vera used after hair removal, to soothe and soften skin. Depilatory cream: They contain chemicals that weaken the hair until its removal. Therefore, it is important to consider the time specified in the instructions, leave it on for longer can burn the skin, although depending on the hair sometimes plays some minutes left to act to achieve remove all. Is painless, however, can cause an allergic reaction, so it is necessary to test before applying the product on a small area. Depilatory cream and shaving, no duration, because the hair surface which is removed. If hair is very hard and tough it can not be totally eliminated. There depilatories specifically for different areas of the body, it is important not to use cream in a different area. Electrolysis hair removal overrides hair growth, so it is considered a permanent method. Electrolysis treats each hair individually, by inserting a needle through the hair follicle and the hair comes with an electric shock to the hair root. Its similarity to the laser treatment, besides being definitive methods is that they require several sessions, ie that are part of a procedure. Laser hair removal: lasers remove hair, and destroying the follicle, which is the root of the hair. It takes several sessions depending on skin type and hair.