Do you suffer from oily skin?

29-01-2018 biedronka

Oily skin is a skin condition in which it acquires a bright, dense and opaque color. This type of skin is characterized as susceptible to pimples and other skin imperfections. Why oily skin occurs?


This type of skin condition is caused by several factors: hereditary, altered hormone levels, pregnancy, birth control pills consumption, for cosmetics, and weather conditions. In oily skin, sebaceous glands become overactive and produce more oil skin needs. This excess oil pores expands, causing the skin to become rough and shiny.


Tips for the care of oily skin


Those who suffer from oily skin should know something: this type of condition slows aging of the skin. While this is great news for people who suffer from this, it is not enough reason to look brilliant and neglected skin. Science and cosmetology have made significant progress as far as skin care is concerned, so combat the effects of oily skin is not something that currently requires great effort. To do this consider the following tips:

To prevent clogged pores, cleanse your face thoroughly with hot water and soap. Note that those very abrasive products with the skin oil can cause a reaction known as seborrhea, where sebaceous glands should produce even more oil than normal to compensate for the loss of oil produced. While buying products to clean the skin, opt for those petroleum. Such products dissolve the fat more effectively. Remember to use oil-free moisturizers to keep skin shine free face. At least once a month, apply a clay mask or mud. If you have a very sensitive skin may opt to use white or pink clay. When performing cleaning skin on the face, remember massaging with fingertips using circular movements. Remember not directly use soap on facial skin, as this can clog pores. I

Diet is also important


Because the diet is a factor that directly affects the condition of our skin, it is important to consider the following tips to prevent poor nutrition produce or worsen oily skin:

Maintain a diet rich in protein, but limited in refined sugars. How well is our blood is a determining factor in our health. Keep it healthy through proper administration of vitamins, minerals and similar substances. Vitamin B is key when preventing oily skin. Meat, yeast and wheat germ are rich in vitamin B5 and B2. Remember to stay hydrated all the time taking the right amount of water per day. Minimize the amount of fat in your diet, avoiding fried and spicy foods too. Minimize drinking alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. If you want to maintain a healthy skin should avoid the intake of refined sugars and chocolates.