Female waxing and ingrown hairs

31-10-2017 cethalon

Plucking is a problem for many women. Most end up without patience and using the blade for shaving. This is a mistake as the blade makes hair grow stronger, thicker and darker. Also often hair cyst. This is because to go outside the hair must break the skin lining the follicle. Hair often can not leave, this happens for two reasons: either the hair is very fine and has no force or because the skin is too hard to penetrate.


The reaction of the hair when you can not come to the surface is to continue growing and sometimes curved and rolled. Now, normal hair is no longer a normal hair, is a hair cystic uncomfortable. When this happens we begin to despair and only think out. Normally we throw with tweezers and break the skin but this only leads to infection and scarring and even solve the problem many times.


What to do in these cases is to stay calm, exfoliate the area and look for some alternative method of hair removal that does not involve an assault on the skin. My personal recommendation: laser hair removal. This method makes the hair removal epilator is never more an ordeal and the hair stops growing and exit cystic much finer and finally will not have to never shave again. Laser hair removal is now available to everyone thanks to laser hair removal machines for domestic use, it is no longer necessary to allow savings in beauty salons.