Guidelines and steps to create a garment or collection

15-11-2017 izoexE

What is fashion design? Fashion design is a training that teaches all the guidelines and steps to create a garment or a collection. The fashion design has evolved so that you can find these specific formations, not only fashion design referring to clothing, but design bags, belts, accessories ... All prestigious companies, are low cost or couture, They have their own designers and assistants to create unique pieces. The designers are inspired by art, in cities, different cultures ... to create their collections. These collections are on display on the runways where other designers and coolhunters, trend scouts, look and analyze how to adapt these designs to their signatures. An experienced designer with a good training can make a garment from the idea of ​​a single photo of a concept, is why this time the fashion industry is booming and expansion and these professionals are very defendants. You can not talk about fashion design without a walk through the history of fashion; a designer must know how fashion has influenced every decade and century to understand the current needs of the people. Fashion is a cycle, is renewed and turns but always brings something new. It is true that many items, sometimes forgotten, seem to resurface from the ashes but never are 100% same. You can have a different look or concept different combination but is never the same ... The fashion is very present in our society, moves largest markets in the weaving industry, clothing and even advertising and marketing, to turn it into something nice and greedy to capture the attention of thousands of people. Thanks to fashion design can actually turn an image, an idea or a dream ... making it possible to create an application designed especially for a particular group of people or for specific events ... The fashion garment, it is a very important part of the image, it is like wrapping paper surrounding the disposition, character ... it is important to choose well the wrapping paper is therefore to be aware of how it is made each item and actually does, that is, if it gives volume, longer, wider, giving light ... gives us an advantage when trying to display a particular image. Nor should we forget the fees established and default that make us distinguish an elegant garment casual and that makes us say if that color is suitable for events or meetings. Fashion design is an exciting profession in which the garment is the end result of a thinking head praised many things when really be decided as its fantastic creation. About the Author Want to know more about fashion design course? TodosobreModa provides information on the Course Design, Fashion tipsos, etc ... please visit our website related articles.