How to achieve a homemade Brazilian waxing

17-08-2017 JB405

Brazilian wax is a hair removal system that is used in both men and women to shave the pubic area; Fashion today has forced waxing in the pubic area is normal; either by using tiny bikinis or inner clothing for both sexes.


After adolescence, pubic hair begins to appear, and become thicker and dense, so it is necessary to use a method of hair removal easy, but which in turn is effective. Brazilian waxing is one of the most recommended, because the hair takes longer to appear than with other methods, which only take us out of trouble, but then we see that they are not effective. Actually Brazilian waxing can be done in a home, taking some councils that then I offer, you can achieve almost professional waxing. These tips also apply to male Brazilian waxing the area, we will need:

2 cups water ¼ cup sugar ¼ cup lemon dejugo I

Will overturn the sugar, lemon juice, water in a saucepan over low heat, then all is dissolved and becomes a thick brown paste. Allow to cool to take the ideal temperature for, in the direction of hair growth, then a cotton cloth over pressure is applied and removed with a sharp pull in the opposite direction