Landscapes for a tattoo

25-02-2018 Smiles10112011

Landscapes tattoos are rare, but when we ran into one himself looks splendid. So here, if you have a favorite postcard you can immortalize your skin. The landscape designs can illustrate any landscape. The most preferred are the mountains, the river, the beach and the snow. Today we present the great tattoo that a girl was held in his back. Here we see portrayed a landscape with a river and a big tree, holding a colunpio in one of its branches. The river is the star of the scene, but the other elements that were added to complete are needed to create a great framework. In the distance the river there are more trees, and the blue horizon with little clouds, at the foot of the tree we can see the flowers with shades of beautiful colors.


Landscapes tattoos are an interesting choice. While little can be done are much better when they are large and have many details. The perfect place for these types of tattoos is back, as it has a large area without joints so the design will always look good. If you're a fan of photography you can take your best shot to get the perfect design. The art of tattooing is no longer a taboo and is reserved only for convicted and marginal. This will definitely be a tattoo more than personal. Also you can show off to everyone your ability to take beautiful pictures and the great work he did the tattoo with her.


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