Obesity, Problem of heredity?

02-03-2018 ajgonzoboy

It is very common to find people who justify their obese state, or resign or so consoled themselves with the pretext that it is a result of family complexion, but in reality, it is important to know that obesity is a multifactorial problem; although it is true that genetics is one of the reasons it is not the main or only. The causes of this disease are many and its complications as well. Obesity is a disease in which the abnormally increased natural energy reserves stored in the body fat, so that the body's health deteriorates. According to WHO, it occurs when the body mass index of an adult is greater than 30 kg / m². Some of the main causes of this disease are to poor diet and physical inactivity, yes habits are transmitted from parents to children. It is therefore important that if you suffer from obesity, you undertake radical actions to improve your health now that there is time to do so. Surgical procedures are an excellent choice and here I speak specifically three: gastric bypass, gastric sleeve or gastric banding. Gastric bypass is a procedure where your stomach is divided into two parts, one larger than the other that is receiving the food. This is how you get to your fill faster. Furthermore, in the process of the gastric sleeve stomach is reduced by 85%, so that ingest run up to 3 times less amount of food. Finally gastric banding involves placing an adjustable silicone band around your stomach, which will produce in you a quick feeling of satiety. With all this I invite you to not lose the courage because instead of seeking causes for your problem, you begin to find solutions as I propose here. You will not regret it!


A. Verástegui