Perfume and self-esteem

07-11-2017 billdoors

Perfumes are usually one of the personal milestones of greater appreciation for people. A perfume has become more than a mere accessory of clothing, it is an ideal complement to the personality of the wearer. The relationship between psychological reactions and perfumes is even field of study among scientists. However, there is born at the dawn of the so-called Eastern civilization aromatherapy discipline whose purpose is to cause changes in the health and mood of a person by means of perfumes. That is, that the experts in aromatherapy, the right perfume can improve health, combat depression, and better quality of life. All this simply with the right perfume.


The lure is one of the most important human activities. Regardless of sexual activity, humans are constantly seducing others, offering its own image trying to be accepted and considered. But, beyond what meets the eye in a human being, there is a whole range of non-verbal signals that have as much or more weight than the visual impact. Gestures, tone of voice, the chosen clothes and perfume, natural fragrance of an individual make a total picture that is offered to others hoping to be accepted and loved. It is logical then, that the perfume has become a cornerstone in building the personality of each, used for seduction body odor as one of the most effective tools.


Many women believe that even clothes and jewelry are made, if they have not put perfume still feel naked. The perfume chosen feel on the skin, immediately makes a person increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. The popular language that some people leave an "aura" when they enter a room, as reflecting the magnetism that these individuals are able to exercise over the other says. The scent plays a critical to help achieve this type of effect paper. A perfume impact positively on the perceiver, even if its registration is made in virtually unconscious. Many times it may happen that we do not know exactly what impressed someone. As in most of these cases was responsible for her perfume achieve this enduring image.