Perfumes for men according to the personality

06-11-2017 icomefrommars

How nice is can be perceived in a man a certain fragrance, while in another the same perfume, sorry even offensive. We ask that this effect is due ?. And there comes to be nothing but the wrong when buying the fragrance choice.


First, we note that the smell of a perfumedifiere between each person influencing the pH of the skin, body temperature and sebaceous secretion. It is also said that what determines that a perfume is to last more than a fixer have more than others, but this is totally false, since it is proven to be the acidity of the skin that gives rise to it.


When making the decision to buy a perfume note the following:

The best way is to spray a little in the air and feel the trail left by the fragrance, if you want to try on the skin, ideally wrist. When you feel the aroma blends with your skin, harmonizes with your senses and adapts to your personality, buy it at that time. The same can do if a fragrance that'll give and know the person who will receive this well. After purchase is important to know what are the strategic places where I aplic√°rtelo are, this is where most feel the heartbeat as neck, neck, wrists, and behind the earlobe. Choosing perfume ?: If you are outgoing, you characterize yourself as a dynamic and determined, the aromas that go with your personality are the floral, fresh spices, lavender and citrus. The cheerful man and spontaneous sympathetic personality should opt for fruity and floral fragrances. Romantic ?, should use sweet, warm and oriental aromas. If you are a mature and balanced man, fragrances more in harmony with your personality is fresh and natural aromas. For an introverted, shy and quiet personality will perfectly oriental fragrances. For smart, independent, fine and confident men, floral aromas are those that best suit your personality. Finally the perfume of man is the face of his personality and he alone knows in the depths of his being.