07-12-2017 ic3warm

Hello boys and girls (:


Today we are talking about the huge rear that has the daddy Urizar Axel, Axel Urizar was in the channel 33 jutno his sister and made him a very good question because peeled ahblaron will not mince words if your ass was real or not? he said laughing light is real think any guy would operate is ridiculous if by miquisiera have one small but good so God made me lol said so guys girls and let him her butt is quite real so it calm is real, tambioen talk his love life and said he kept in secret by the fandom and can sometimes be a little offensive said this in a complicated relationship so do not expect deplano that there was going to stop this girl danila trojan. ok Daniela urizar wants to outdo his brother at all? Daniela said that is true it is very competitive and almost always want to win ent ear and apparently Axel was the one who got into the Royo of all this is a little grateful dani please. It also axel is tired? that's true sometimes he said not feel the least support his family if not others.