Remove stains of acne naturally

27-02-2018 guntoaknifefight

Acne is usually a big hassle for most youngsters and adolescents who suffer. While not usually cause medical problems, acne is considered a great aesthetic problem. For this reason it is that most young people tend to be concerned with the appearance of granite classics. But not only you have to worry about the bumps but by smudging and can leave scars. If acne is not cured as it is probably due to scarring on the face or the body that can be very difficult to remove. There are two types of acne scars it leaves on one side the scars as pozitos or dimples that are more difficult to remove and which you have to resort to medical treatment. On the other hand pigmented scars are generally small pink spots. These scars are much easier to remove and you can do it naturally. There are several home remedies to remove such stains. Some fruits help remove these stains, for example you can use a little lemon juice on the affected area, the lemon is bleaching by nature, but you must be careful not to sun exposure because it can cause burns. Avocado and other fruit that can help eliminate acne blemishes. Vinegar and honey are two other elements that can be found in almost any home and used to remove stains of acne. There are also plants that can help you remove these spots, one of which is known aloe vera has so many healing properties. Aloe vera is healing and helps the skin to heal properly. You can also apply directly on pimples to avoid leaving marks because of its healing power. Article written by Maria More information on home remedies for removing acne spots