Review the laser hair removal centers

02-11-2017 dazi5

The government and the autonomous communities are responsible for reviewing laser hair removal centers as well as drinks and light products and light bulbs inter alia meals. This is because market inspection takes place this year and the news was announced Leire Pajin. Besides this they will carry out analysis on the labeling of food products.


Regarding laser hair removal salons, measures will be very interesting. Parameters such as the conditions of sale regarding hidden prices and misleading advertising will look. Is presenting all necessary warnings regarding safety and protection measures when using this technique are reviewed. Many laser hair removal centers in Spain do not meet the safety and quality set by law and this leads to health hazards and major spending money one does not return to recover.


Depilation in women has turned one hundred eighty degrees in recent years. Since the days when there were only solution blades as to wear a hairless body and just like a hedgehog quills filled until the twenty century, when finally the home laser hair removal machines were invented, with which one gets smooth, hairless beautiful without being subject to the schedules beauty salon with predatory pricing and hidden costs everywhere skin. And not give bad publicity to the centers of beauty, it is a reality when the government itself is investigating them.