¿Skinny or chubby? No matter ... LIE!

09-12-2017 crewrxt

We are tired of hearing that the physique does not matter. Nobody can deceive even ourselves; physique it matters a lot. Not the same wear clothes or exercising, or going for walks, being thin or robust. Today it is a fact that we all want to be thin, not just the intention to look better, but also by the body agility, state of health and safety offered by the to be thin. There are three excellent surgeries that are often highly effective and safe, plus provide rapid results and a quick recovery. I'm talking about gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and gastric banding. Gastric bypass surgery where the patient's stomach is divided into two: a big party and a girl, which is in addition to the functions of your stomach is receiving the food. It is also the gastric sleeve procedure that reduces your stomach 85% and thus makes that consume up to 3 times less food. Finally gastric banding is a procedure in which a silicone band around your stomach, so that manages to produce satiety in the patient is placed.


So I invite you to convince you that there is a solution to your problem and you change every aspect of your life with any of these surgical procedures.


A. Verástegui