Tattoos cartoon SpongeBob

03-11-2017 bear912

Cartoon tattoos every day become more popular. Whether it's classic or new characters have a tattoo of the series that marked our childhood it is remember that once were children. SpongeBob tattoos are one of the most accomplished modern designs cartoons. Bob is the protagonist of the animated series. Sponge Bob Square Pants, which lives at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in a city called Bikini Bottom. This site is a stereotype of a typical American city, polluted, crowded but nice all the same place. There, surrounded by the most colorful characters live wild adventures every day.


SpongeBob designs are not only limited to draw him. All series featuring characters have very different features that makes viewers want to be identified and everyone equally. The SpongeBob tattoo image illustrates the unique house of Bob, a pineapple. We also see his pet snail named Gary sympathetic. Sandy also see a squirrel that comes from Texas and lives in Bikini Bottom with a helmet oxygen to get out. Your home is a capsule of oxygen.


On the left we see a Plankton, the evil of the program always tries to steal the recipe for tasty Cangreburgers, food home where Bob works. Although we always try to deceive him and fulfill its mission it has ever achieved. Fortunately there are many tattoo designs drawings animated, if you have a favorite show ahead and pay homage to all those hours that made you company.