The beautiful tattoos of swallows

09-02-2018 guitarist0418

Swallows tattoos look spectacular in any part of the body. It is also said called universal not related to any particular sex or country. Although at first they were exclusively for sailors, today its meaning goes beyond that associated with the world at sea. While we can say that a swallow is a symbol of freedom, a good sign since it is an omen of wealth and abundance each gives its own meaning associating their loved ones or personal experiences.


Swallows designs are relatively small, as in real life is also modest size. Generally they are drawn in pairs and chest, but as in the tattoo world nothing is written one the places where and how you want. In the photo we see a swallow located in a very popular place to put tattoos in front of the shoulder. This swallow is in flight and so striking are the vivid colors that were chosen to paint. To give a sense of movement of petals small leaves around the body they were drawn.


Swallows tattoos often look beautiful and impressive, everything depends on the aesthetic that whatever you want to provide. The birds are unique in drawing attention worldwide. No doubt there are people who envy his ability to fly. Tattoos of birds ranging from ferocious eagles, phoenix classic and ordinary birds or just the defined line of these. If you are particularly interested in any of the collection of tattoo designs, seek them by clicking on the various links inside this article can access more information and pictures on them. Dare to find your own!