The real cause of the Cellulite

22-01-2018 yoshio22

For a long time the issue of cellulite is present, as it is a disease that occurs in 99.9% of women due to metabolism presented. Also of note is developed by characteristic changes of the functions of tissues and lack of physical movements, thus obstructing blood flow, which is responsible for distributing the fat evenly through the human body and if has poor circulation tissues fill with fat causing them to break and become infected causing the cellulite forming.


The problem that causes the tissues develop cellulite are vascular, lipid and connective these three elements are the cause of this disease. Cellulite are formed in different ways, making the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues are destroyed. The stage is presented obstruction in the venous circulation, causing vasodilation becomes thick and oily liquid, which makes the distribution of nutrients from fat cells and blood vessels. Fat cells grow considerably, because they can not distribute or eliminate waste and residues from circulation.


The causes of cellulite is depending on many factors, one of which is obesity or genetic and hereditary factor. Also the lack of exercise is the most important cause of all, if the person cellulite appear not exercise regardless diets do to lose weight, exercise is the cure for the tissues are strong and the movement is best. Another cause is stress, excessive calorie diets, excessive sodium intake, alcohol consumption, smoking evil snuff and especially wear clothes too tight.