The use of fish oil for perfect buttocks

29-10-2017 yoshixxd

Thanks to celebrities who appear on television, women around the world are looking for better and faster ways for perfect buttocks. Since buttock implants to unsafe injections often fatal. Many have chosen other methods, including the use of fish oil, which contains healthy omega fatty acids.
Fish oil contains micro-nutrients known as omega fatty acid, these are divided into 5 types of acids Omega
1. Omega 3: Omega 3 category of oil contains ALA, which is good for the heart and arteries. It causes the cells of the blood less "sticky". EPA and DHA are another category. DHA is good for the eyes and the brain and EPA is good for the joints.
2. Omega 5 and 6: 5 Omega acids are good for the hair, skin and nails and helps make that "glow". Omega 5 also contains collagen that helps CMO reform. Omega 6 assist in regulating metabolism.
3. Omega 7 and 9: 7 contains Omega CVA creating PA and mucous membranes in the body. This is useful to help the problems of female breasts and dryness. Omega 9 contains OA which reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease.
Now, why do you think that a healthy oil increase the size of their buttocks ?, the promoters of this approach believe that by rubbing the oil into your skin, will help enlarge the buttocks. Those who have used it and report seeing results have taken the following measures:

Break 3 or 4 pills of fish oil for each side of the buttocks. Use of a method known as "dry brush" or a hot to open the pores of your skin towel. Rub the oil on the buttocks. Expect results. I

Although there is no scientific proof that the method works, those who trust in him have seen an average increase of 2 inches, but say it took quite some time, over two or three months. Note that fish oil smells bad, so you may need to use another scented body oil to mask the smell.
No amount of special oils or pills will give you more of what your body is naturally capable of.


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