Tips for a hair without split ends

09-02-2018 GHOSsst

A woman may have a great hair, great hairstyle or hair cut really modern, but will be ruined with split ends. Split ends are caused by daily hair damage received, which almost punishes the area more than any other of the hair.


That is why then offer some really useful tips and tricks to prevent and combat split ends. Do not hesitate to follow these guidelines and you'll soon boast perfect hair:

First, keep in mind that the tips are flourishing because of many factors, including not cutting his hair long, use hair dyes, heat irons and hair dryers, among others. That's why you should try not to overdo it with the use of these elements or certain hair products. Also be careful with the use of forks, pigtails, ribbons and pins. When washing your hair, bet on a fortifying shampoo and do not forget to use conditioner. It is also highly recommended that you apply moisturizing masks. Betting wooden combs and wide tines. In addition, when brushing your hair, it is important to do it gently and avoid sudden hairstyles. It is really advisable to cut the tips often. Strangely enough, the food also influences the health of hair. Do not forget to include in your diet foods rich in vitamins and fatty acids.