What is gastric bypass?

15-02-2018 benitoad

With this surgery, you have the option of doing open surgery with an incision in the midline of the abdomen or by laparoscopy which involves making small incisions without the need for further cutting into the abdomen. This last option is the most popular as it facilitates the recovery, weight loss and leaves as big as the first choice scar. The surgery known as gastric bypass, is one of the most popular procedures and more requested by patients who are obese and have not been able to lose those kilos that have more. This surgery has been practiced for more than 40 years, but of course technology and advances in science and medicine have been perfecting ever. This process is also known as "stomach stapled" and is divided into two for the reception food and a rearrangement of the bowel. That is why gastric bypass is referred to as a mixed surgery. This surgery if the final loss overweight as it gives you a sense of satiety much earlier and after consuming a small amount of food. It also helps you convert fats you eat into energy, thus achieving losing 75 to one hundred percent of overweight you have.