What Not to Do With Acne

19-12-2017 josemoody

If you continually do what is set forth below, you are weakening the natural disposition of self-protection that has the skin; it is delaying the healing process and making your skin look bad, make your acne worse.
1. Smoking
Apart from lung cancer, heart disease and aging skin rash cancer, smoking encourages contraction of small capillaries and blood vessels that are in the skin, and thus abstains skin oxygen urges essential for the creation and maintenance of cells healthy.
2. Using Topical Steroids
Ointments sold over the counter or prescription ointments with cortisone principle, mainly the powerful kind, may eventually refine your skin and ultimately worsen the degree of acne, besides irritation, redness and other side effects .
Maintain good external appearance of your skin is highly recommended, however, must run smoothly, using pure natural ingredients such as diluted tea tree oil.
3. Taking Antibiotics
In the end, treatment with antibiotics such as tetracycline, increased acne and during the process also severely affect its internal system. Antibiotics kill all bacteria in your system including benign and probiotic bacteria like acidophilus that have many essential powers that promote clean skin.
4. When shave
Never use these blades four-in-one when he shaves, mainly if you have large bumps and painful cysts. The reason is that the razor blades that guarantee the "closer shave" will originarle severe irritation and will damage the skin. Always eat razor blades from a single sheet when you have an outbreak of acne.


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