What is a Geek? Definition

09-03-2018 LionsLOLS

A Geek is a very keen person and Computer Technology primarily and always tries to be informed about everything related to the latest technologies. It is also a compulsive buyer of new technological gadgets.


A Geek is not only the surface of Technology and the computer, but read, research, updated, he writes about the Internet and has an opinion not only on the technical side but also on trends and the future.


In Castilian, the term Geek is primarily related to technology, while English has broader connotations and would be equivalent to what in Spain we call "Geek".


And now a bit of humor, we see a few sayings Geek:

No Internet mail that did not come. Not for long loads Windows MegaRAM earlier. Geek barking no program. When the smoke there's postean bloggers. Better blog post in which hundreds of spam. Better post published that prepared hundreds. The little program that looks much. Browser does not see, does not interpret CSS. Do not post tomorrow you can post today. A foolish contacts, state: unsupported.