Studying at university

08-03-2018 delca

One of the things that stands out most recently in the panorama of universities is their commitment to careers that have more output, therefore, the best universities in the world have been in action for students who demonstrate a high degree of They flock to training centers, and thus achieve better results in the world of university courses.


Without going any further, this is a perverse effect, because everything and the great high volume of school failure more and more people going to universities, so the demand is growing while supply remains and the crisis It becomes smaller. This dilemma causes adverse effects in the universities, and makes some races are inaccessible for some young people who dreamed them, creating something more than grief in their hearts they already had.


Therefore, we must give special importance to a renewal of universities. Process that can not always be guaranteed to be something clean and easy, as any process of change takes so inebitable to proceed sumo negative externalities that could be a problem here. Still, the way universities are already marked.