09-03-2018 blotto5

I decided to create a forum for communication with other beings on the planet. Speaking of literature, history, philosophy, culture and art in general. About life that is not in the books, that we breathe in the streets and corners. I hope to express my concerns, all my ideas and those of you in the field of knowledge and human existence that already is difficult without entering in depth. A place to grow and share experiences. With the hope that more people involved in it, I start this experience with optimism. I consider myself a normal person who enjoys life and likes to share your findings with others. Sports lover, the sea and the mountains. First escriberè on an article about the usefulness or uselessness of literary workshops. I was not able to abstract and I will relate my experience: There are positive and negative opinions as well as established writers who never attended one. A writer born or made ?. Like everything in life, I had good and bad experiments. The teacher can be a great writer, but nonetheless its laurels if he can not work in his workshop group will fail. I attended more than a year the workshop of a renowned writer, but it was a disaster because of his pride and little patience, also mingled with political literature. His popularity and fame did not help me write better, and I was not willing to write as he wanted. I decided to emigrate to another shop run by a not so well-known writer, but more cozy and free. The teacher taught with dedication, patience and making sure that the student does not lose his spontaneity. A good shop is not dependent on the reputation of its director, but rather to his teaching spirit. However, I do not know if unfortunately, literary workshops are fashionable and every writer should have one. A literary workshop is always useful to a person who begins to write, you should look for one that suits you and be smart enough not to care for an occasional opinion adverse to their work. Regards.