Travel Tips

09-03-2018 myoficialfanclub

When planning a trip, heading out to a different country or city, we would have to take into account a range of advice, recommendations or types that will be very useful to enjoy, really, of our trip. If you decide on holiday or traveling with children, remember to take pictures, in color, and most of them present possible, in case you lose-it is difficult for a child lost in an airport or in a commercially center.


Thus, the search will be easier even if you look destinations for New Year's Eve. Always carry a flashlight, small size, because it will not take up much space and can be easily carried. You do not know how many times we will be really useful. Do not leave valuables in the car. You better leave them at the hotel, where there is a safe. If you're going to take a camera in the suitcase, it's best carry in a bag with silver protection for X-rays at airports, they could seriously damage it.


When pack, displays all the clothes you want to wear, above the bed, and select the mita. Still, it will overrun most of what you think recalls that the weighs clothing, and you will be you who is going to be transported from one place to, in high season, having many more travelers, airlines limit weight of the bags, which are allowed. Remember, too, in high season, there is more traffic of people, both in airports, stations ... so it is advisable to calculate extra 30 minutes in order to get anywhere. And, if you are in an Arab country, not flutes .. because it is a manifestation of witchcraft.