Diet to gain muscle mass

08-03-2018 becca81727

Diet to gain muscle mass

Many people want to lose weight, others want to simply maintain weight, but there are also people who want to increase muscle mass. So now you know some foods that help gain muscle mass.

Nutrition is the main secret to increase muscle mass. Foods rich in vitamins and proteins are great options for you to add into your diet.

Lean red meat

Often consume red meat provides for your body the nutrients necessary and vital to enhance muscle growth.

Cottage cheese

The curd provides an enzyme that slows the digestion, which makes you feel more satisfied while avoiding hunger. Likewise, cottage cheese provides vitamin B12, calcium and other nutrients.


The eggs contain large amounts of protein, essential amino acids, beneficial fats and vitamin D, so it is an indispensable food for those who want to gain muscle.

Tuna fish

The tuna and other fish provide omega-3 essential to maintaining good health, accelerate fat loss and improve the performance of various processes in the body, including metabolism.


Oats are more than perfect to assist in increasing muscle mass because it is a great source of carbohydrates, is processed in a very small way, it decreases appetite and promotes fat burning.


Special for increased energy, grains like rice increase the production of the hormone growth by improving your muscle development.

Fruits and vegetables

I could not miss this diet to gain muscle mass, the group of fruits and vegetables. Mostly contain antioxidants, vitamins and beta carotene. Likewise they are a rich source of fiber.

consuming these foods you will see fast results.