Making Chocolate Butterfly

09-03-2018 sugarysnack

A beautiful chocolate Butterfly enchants any dessert an eye-catcher.

This butterfly can make superfast itself using a book, he sees on ice, puddings, creams or cakes great.

For this one needs

  • 1
  • 1 piece of baking paper
  • Chocolate to taste
  • Pastry bag or a freezer bag

How To

  • First you bring the chocolate to melt, in the meantime, you cut a piece of baking paper to the size of the open book to and expresses it well in the middle of the sides a, perhaps with a fingernail as an aid.
  • When the chocolate has melted, filling it in a pastry bag or a freezer bag
  • Now you can start in the middle of the book say on the baking paper to spray / paint the body of the butterfly, the wings, etc.
  • When done, press the book together something and makes it so in the refrigerator, while the book should be in no case, but should then be in the position, as you can see it on one of the images. Otherwise the blades are later not high and the butterfly would be floored hard.
  • After about 30 minutes the butterfly is ready and you can get the book out of the refrigerator, while the butterfly triggers easily from the parchment paper. I must say, it would be better to paint the butterfly a little thicker, as it could quickly break otherwise.
  • Now you can have so be decorated.

Have fun!