A patch against migraines

20-07-2017 ISX11

The pharmaceutical NuPathe, US, has announced the release of a new patch to treat headaches and migraines. The patch, called Zelrix patch is placed on the arm and has a mild shock system introduced by patients small doses of the drug Sumatriptan. The patch is a single use and those responsible ensure that its effectiveness is superior to oral medications and longer duration.
An important aspect is the duration of migraines. The condition can sometimes last all day, so delivering the drug steadily in small doses can increase the benefits of Sumatriptan. The patch created by the American laboratory achieves this purpose without users having to be alert to ingest any pills.
Moreover, the drugs taken orally have a different absorption function of patients. In addition to the different degree of absorption, sometimes generate stomach pains and vomiting. All this would avoid using a patch, says the company, which so far has not confirmed pricing or release date.