Common Techniques From Pre-Christmas Stimulation

09-03-2018 loteph

The interest in encouraging prenatal has grown steadily since the survey results show that babies stimulated by methods such as singing and talking while still in the womb tend to have a quick visual development, motor and language.

Provide a safe and stimulating environment both before and after the birth of a child gives the key to long-term success. Teach parents how to communicate with your child before birth, it brings out feelings of trust, unity and love, and provides a supportive environment that every child needs to learn and grow.

First trimester of pregnancy

Remember that your baby can now experience many feelings and is able to start communicating with you, having a huge potential waiting to be encouraged and developed. At this point, you can begin your relaxation and visualization exercises.

Second trimester

Some stimulation exercises allow the fetus: communicate with parents through their movements, to establish a relationship between certain stimuli and certain responses, recognize sounds and noises and learn to pay attention, developing memory skills.

Third Trimester

It is necessary for stimulation exercises are done for the last quarter, as it:

  • Help your baby to communicate with parents before birth;
  • Train concentration and attention of your baby;
  • Teach your child to distinguish the different sounds and noises from the womb, and from the outside world;
  • It demonstrates that sounds have meaning and can be used to communicate;
  • Begins the first steps in language development by associating words and meanings;
  • Teaches children the concept of rhythm;
  • Improves balance;
  • Teaches to participate in spatial relationships;
  • Develops and exercises the memory.