Exercise causes orgasms in women

09-03-2018 ZaxonTheD
US scientists have shown that physical exercise can cause orgasms in women. This type of orgasm is called sometimes "coregasmo" given its association with exercises involving the central abdominal muscles, as explained Debby Herbenick, co-author of the study and co-director of the Center for the Promotion of Sexual Health at the University of Indiana.
In experiments with more than 350 women, 18 to 63 years old, researchers found that abdominal caused 51 percent of orgasms induced by physical activity, followed by weightlifting exercises, yoga, cycling , running and walking.
"These data are interesting because they suggest that orgasm is not necessarily a sexual event," says Herbenick, while admitting it is still unknown how often this phenomenon occurs in women and why physical exercise can induce these pleasurable sensations.