Five pieces of advice to eat less and reduce calories

10-05-2017 takeandrun

One of the problems often diet is excessive food. When this is the problem with a few simple gestures, we can avoid eating in excess. Today, let's look at some tips to eat less and reduce calories in the diet. Simple gestures that help us improve our diet amount:

- Drink water: Without a doubt, the best drink for meals. With zero calories and the ability to exercise a satiating effect. Drink during meals and before going to be useful to put in your mouth preventing many calories in one meal.

- Start with salad or vegetables: salad is a dish with low energy density. I mean, lots of it and few calories. Also, being made up of vegetables, fiber will also play a satiating effect, preventing us spend the next dish.

- Eat on smaller plates: This seems like a minor issue, it is helpful to reduce the values ​​that serve at home. Generally tends to fill the dish when they serve as well, the smaller the plate, the smaller the amount therein. Get used to using small dishes and you will see that will eat less.

- Watch your shopping list: often eat too much because in the refrigerator and pantry to food in abundance. If you care about our shopping list, snacks will be fewer temptations to spend in calories.

- Steaming or the oven: The perfect way to cook and do not add extra calories to our plates. Cooking hortalizas steamed or meat dish and fish in the oven will reduce the calories of our dishes.

As you see, they are simple gestures that can come into our diet smoothly and help us reduce the amount of food and calories in the diet. Eating less is not always as easy as closing your mouth. These little tricks can be useful for those who really want to lower your weight by eating less.