Heel care - regular and effortless

21-02-2017 TheDeathStrike

Although the summer is not yet in sight, but soon you can buy the first email Ballerina or flip flops and must confess with his heels color: Nothing is worse than on the escalator at the person in front of a unkempt feet to have to see!

After I had finally brought again "reason" in my own heels, I had the idea to operate pedicure not only when it is again necessary, but I go every evening toilet times very briefly with a damp Bimsschwamm on dry heels, and even the skin is soft as a baby's. So I get a great feeling to go to bed!

If you still spoil your feet to a soothing foot cream regularly, only arise any ugly cracks, and the cost is minimal.

Another note about the order of the feet Eincremens: Please only cremen the right foot and then his left foot and massage in any case there without pressure. Reason: The right side of man reflects his here and now again - the present, the area of ​​the mind. The left side, however, the US-Possible, the feeling realm. So: In a massage first in the "present" contact to himself = in the here and now take up.

But be careful with the use of Reflexology: It is contraindicated among others in severe infections and diseases with high fever, in inflammatory processes in the vascular system and other disorders. Please ask the doctor here ...