Home Remedies For Teeth Stained Or Yellow

09-03-2018 GGwam

When abnormal color variations appear in some areas of the teeth, points and lines, if said teeth are stained.

These spots arise because the enamel, which is the hard outer covering of the teeth will wearing by different factors causing the dentin is uncovered, the less dense the interior of the dental pieces, which absorbs the color of the food.

There are several factors that cause staining of the teeth as:

  • Cigarette smoke.
  • Drinks such as cola, tea, coffee, acidic juices such as lemon or red wine.
  • Strikes during childhood.
  • Aging.
  • Taking antibiotics drugs during the prenatal dental development or when the teeth are still forming in childhood.
  • Serious childhood diseases such as measles or whooping cough, especially during tooth formation.
  • Other diseases such as rickets.

Popular remedies

  • Daily eat a piece of papaya which helps whiten teeth.
  • Rub your teeth with a strawberry cut in half. This not only lightens the teeth, but also strengthens the gums to bleed, which assists in preventing gingivitis or inflammation of the gums.
  • Eating an apple every day, as this fruit helps strengthen the gums and whitens teeth.
  • Remedy to whiten stained teeth: spread some ashes on her toothbrush. Brush and rinse with warm water. Then brush with toothpaste, as usual.
  • Pour two tablespoons of sage leaves in a glass of water that is boiling. Cover and let cool. Perform this infusion mouthwash after every meal. It is also recommended to chew sage leaves previously washed.
  • Pour 2 drops of sanitary use hydrogen peroxide in 1 tablespoon of water. Mix and soak a cotton ball with this preparation. Rub gently on the stained teeth and rinse with water.


Keep your teeth clean. Good oral hygiene helps prevent the teeth from staining per share food or liquids. This means brushing your teeth at least twice a day, especially after meals.

Rinse mouth. After each meal, rinse your mouth. If you can not go to the bathroom, it is recommended to take a sip of water and swallow it while still on the table.

Do not rub hard when brushing your teeth. If you brush too hard can wear down tooth enamel and make cracks in the roots of the teeth.

Dental floss. Stains from teeth look worse if there is dental plaque. Therefore, we recommend daily flossing.

Quit smoking. Smoking is one of the factors that cause stains on teeth. Hence the convenience of eliminating this habit if you want to have teeth without stains.

Reduce the consumption of coffee. Because coffee can stain your teeth, it is advisable to take only one glass of this drink during the day. Also, try brushing your teeth after taking it.

Use a straw. To minimize contact with your teeth, you can use a straw to drink liquids that tend to stain teeth such as tea, the cola drinks and acidic juices.

Use with caution the toothpaste stain remover. These creams are very abrasive, so that the use of this product should be limited to two or three times a week.

Do not be creative. Some rubbing sticks or paddles on the teeth in order to bleach them, which can cause tooth enamel scratch and become more prone to staining.

Visit your dentist regularly to detect any abnormalities in your teeth. It is recommended to go to a specialist with a certain frequency and more if you notice any abnormality in their teeth.

Thus, it is possible to avoid any dental problem which can involve the destruction of the living part of the tooth and as a result, the possible appearance of stains.