New brain differences between men and women

09-03-2018 VINNYWEAPONS29
A team of Spanish scientists from the CSIC has identified certain differences between men and women in an area of ​​the brain called the temporal neocortex, which is related to the social and emotional processes and human capacity to attribute intentions to others.
Biopsiando eight brains, four of each sex, the researchers found that men have up to 30% more connections between neurons in this brain area. However, according to Javier de Felipe, neuroscientist Ramon y Cajal Institute, the finding does not mean that one gender is more intelligent than another, but only in the brain region investigated "connections are different." In fact, the researcher believes it would be wrong to extrapolate these data to the whole brain because "it is likely that man has a lower density of synapses than women in other cortical regions."
In an article published today in the journal PNAS, De Felipe and his colleagues encourage other researchers to continue studying brain connections in the rest of our heterogeneous thinking organ.