Why it misses a penalty?

07-06-2017 SuicideSeasonzz
A British study may explain why the English football teams lose games in kicks from the penalty spot. The results could help coaches to choose the best players when throwing penalties.
According to published research from the University of Exeter in the latest issue of the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, the key to their study lies in the effects of anxiety on eye movements when the player is preparing to launch the ball. In particular, the study shows that when players throwing the penalty are nervous, his eyes focused on the goalkeeper longer than if they feel relaxed. And this behavior makes eye tend to throw the ball to the center of the goal, rather than in the best areas for the goal, providing the goalkeeper block.
"In a situation of high stress are more likely to focus on any challenging stimulus and focus on it ?, explains Professor Greg Wood, who believes that coaches training techniques could be applied to habituate players to not be swayed by this effect when executing a penalty.