Birthday card for lovers

09-03-2018 tulkin14

A friend asked me to tinker a birthday card for your sweetheart, she wanted things to be selbermachen, has but unfortunately injured his arm.

She told me what should be on it and what colors he liked and I went to work.

A green construction paper, a small piece of red paper for the Heart Flames, birthday candles and a printer scissors, possibly motive scissors and glue.

The construction paper is folded into a map, a beautiful text is printed and cut, then glued to the card. Now the candles are glued and cut out of red paper smaller hearts. Which serve as flame and be glued or if you want, you can admire the heart with red paint itself. That's it.

Children could also tinker a card so beautiful, or for Valentine's Day. As I said, the color of the candles Tonpapiers and you can decide everything at will. The card should only be a small suggestion!

Have fun making.