Built pipe table on casters themselves

09-03-2018 ullnevurguessthis

Dear readers, critics and all who are "hunting" for new tips:

A whistling table on wheels of their own design.

My husband is an avid pipe smoker. But since he did not have enough space for his pipes utensils, I decided short hand, to build a pipe table for him. After I had made a plan sketch, it went on to the hardware store.


1 Base plate 45x45cm and 15mm thick,
1 drawer Shelf with 6 drawers 50x30x20cm,
1 top plate round, diameter 58cm and 25mm thick
1 smoked glass plate round, diameter 80cm
4 wheels fully rotate in all directions
Wood glaze in black-brown
6 brass rings as handles for drawers


All wooden parts with glaze painted and allow to dry
All wooden parts with wood care "creamed"
Drilled The drawer rack with suitable screws to the bottom plate
Drilled The top plate on the drawer shelf
The roles drilled to the lower plate.
All drawers with brass handles provided and used
The glass plate and placed finish was the whistling table on casters.

The ornament on the side, I have also made themselves and attached with a staple gun.

The joy when my husband was great. For now he has everything together in one place and can also move the table back and forth yet.