Buying a condo - Recommended Tips

06-03-2018 squeakyful

My father has moved some time ago in a condo and has previously visited one or the other apartment.

In order not afterwards, when one is drawn in, the rude awakening comes, we have observed the following

  • Dressed all faucets and run warm water.
  • Turned and looked heaters if also function all radiators.
  • Check whether there are enough electrical outlets in all rooms and also at appropriate points.
  • Open and close all doors and windows. Pay particular attention to the windows to see if it attracts somewhere or is leaking.
  • Observe the surroundings. Cemetery nearby, it can be noisy with leaf blowers, grave maintenance, etc. Currently driving near a train along? - Then also freight transport is possible.
  • It is also important whether something is pending. For example, a construction of a bus stop or a road expansion, which then possibly. Is allocated to the owner.
  • Instruct at least 2 tour dates at different times
  • If necessary. take someone with you, the artisan has a clue and can look for other things.
  • Transportation connection.

Are important as well, but that should give the synopsis:

  • Are there any leasehold or leasehold fees?
  • Are major changes, alterations or similar planned and involves costs for the owners?
  • Which heating the house has
  • Has the apartment itself still debts to the "house money" that are transferred to the new owner?
  • How much are the deductions for electricity, gas and so on?
  • If something does not fit, you should still have a second apartment, third or 87th home show. After you bind a long time to the object.