Carbonated against scale in kettle

05-03-2018 Senkait

A friend gave me the tip to give sparkling in the kettle or coffee machine, to remove the lime.

Simply sparkling clean, so that the bottom is covered. Since then, no more limestone forms!

And smelly vinegar odor I need nimma ;-)

I descale my Wasserkoxher once a week with lemon juice from the Quetschzitronenflasche.
This works super.xldeluxe: I have so much lime problems that I have to remove the lime 2-3x a week:
A splash of white vinegar (the best 39 cents to boil again with a dash of water and everything is blank.
It goes with me, however, only to the stainless steel base in the kettle, and as long as that is covered, the mixture is sufficient.
It is important that you can stand in the kettle without water. I pour the leftover residue on my faucet and mop and sponge. So you hit 2 birds with one stone!
I give then bubbling into it, so until the next heating or how?
But why then pour a little, if it can be done without any water?