Cleaning plan for the bathroom - useful or fussy?

05-03-2018 savva

In terms of cleanliness, the bathroom is certainly the most sensitive area of ​​each apartment. Any use leaves a distinct mark. Therefore stand in the bathroom in contrast to the living quarters next to the optical cleanliness and hygienic aspects in focus. Brushing with System is therefore not something you have to be ashamed.

The little household?

Frequency, intervals and scope of the bath cleaning depend primarily on the nature and the habits of the roommates. Lynchpin of cleanliness and hygiene is the hand basin. Toothpaste, make-up remnants and - the classic race - whiskers make the basin unsightly and a top-notch bacteria spin. Few Spitzer foam cleaner show the tiny roommates but quickly the output. Even more explosive is on and in the toilet the germ situation because hidden areas give bacteria a safe haven. Shower or tub or tiles are just as much on the cleaning plan, but are somewhat more modest in terms of frequency.

What is important when cleaning plan

A well-structured plan for cleaning the bathroom should include daily and weekly work. That sounds initially after much effort in, is with regular cleaning but really do not. Appropriate cleaners and detergents as well as matching "tool" is assumed here times. The separation of the cloth and wipes between the toilet and the washing facilities should be understood.

Daily cleaning

  • The daily work includes mainly cleaning the toilet. The glasses, the pool itself and the cistern must be wiped with a damp cloth or sponge. It continues with the sink. Sinks and taps, rinse, using foam cleanser "pampered" and wipe dry again. After another change of cloth mirror is still polished with a splash of glass cleaner.
  • Next comes the "fun" with any boards, shelves and shelves. Just clear, wipe damp, possibly the entire "odds and ends" also damp cloth and drape everything again at will. On this occasion also the same towels or bathrobes can be arranged.
  • The shower stall or bathtub needs daily attention. While the pan with the same treatment as the sink is content, the shower should be completely wiped and dried. So lime has no chance.
  • Finally even reverse the Fußoden, suck or wipe - depending on toppings. So pimped, the bathroom is again for "new signs of use" ready.

Weekly cleaning

  • About once a week come for daily cleaning a few works added. In particular, the tiles should - similar to the sink or tub - be wet cleaned and then dried. Especially a lot of joy to the tiles have making sure the "Stehpinkler". The door and the walls of the shower should also be thoroughly wiped, dried and polished.
  • The toilet must - especially inside - also be cleaned a little more intense. For the inner workings of the "bowl" can tabs or a thick liquid cleaner can be used. After some effect, even stubborn dirt are then history.
  • About once a week, it is time to clean the drains to make it right again "hits". The easiest way to achieve that with special cleaners that act particularly long and destroy it all visible and invisible deposits.

With such a thorough and regular cleaning are additional "major battle days" on a monthly basis is not necessary. Basin, shower, toilet, mirror and tiles are then purely always clean, free of lime and especially hygienic.