Homemade 3D Glückwunschkarte

08-03-2018 DinoMon96

The need to tinker a 3D congratulations card:

Sturdy cardboard

Wrapping paper

Crepe paper or tissue paper and colored green

1 sample bag clamp

Adhesive Paper wrapping film or transparent packing tape

glue stick



First, the carton is folded in the middle, so that a map is created - I'll take the way always discarded tabs for binders - one side of a cereal carton is determined, at least has the appropriate strength.

Now the wrapping paper is used. It is cut into pieces, depending on, for example, cut out circles desire or quadrangles, in terms of size, the pieces should be about 3x3 cm in size.

Taking gift wrap with designs, you can directly cut out the motives, if they are slightly larger, that's ok too :) I've also made a card with newsprint, also looked great!

With these pieces now the outside of the card is stuck, as possible so that you do not see what it was before. Is the card inside white or one color can let the inside free, otherwise the well glued).

A little note: If I get gifts and I particularly like the wrapping paper, I lift the on - even if it is torn - for such purposes is, it is still very good!

Next: I have now written a spell in Word, which will forward it. "Happy Birthday" or something similar - a Word Art, so I could still imagine the letter or one it prints out the same colorful. The forward plan is still stuck. Personal greeting for the inside I have to hand on a sheet of white paper written, cut and pasted into the card ...

As "sealer" now comes the self-adhesive book wrapping film into play. This will now be adhered inside and outside. So it is also prevented that something falls again.

Now the 3D effect:

It is the crepe or tissue paper, fold it several times together and draw a circle and intersects the circle. By folding, you now have several circles. It takes about 8 circles that bloom in the picture is from 9 different colored circles for flowering.

Now you fold green crepe or tissue paper so many times that you have 4 to 6 layers, paints a leaf shape it and cut it out. At the lower end of the sheet has a small hole, which I fabricated with a sharp pair of scissors.

Now you superimpose all circles and "fabricated" with scissors in the middle of a small hole. Through this you push then the sample bag clip and behind the leaves and turn the clamp on.

Now its commitment to the unfinished flower in front of him, so that the leaves are down. It is the upper circle and crumples it up together, do the same with the next loop and the next ... until all has crumpled.

Now you pull the circles again a little apart and in the form and finished the 3D bloom.

Now "fabricated" man in the card a small hole with the scissors, the place where the flower is out, the clip bends together again, puts it through the card and turn it inside the card again.

And ready is a self-designed card and you have the assurance that no one else is using the same card :)

Anyone can give free rein to his creativity here. For Jugendweihe card I would tinker a little envelope and stick with where the money comes in.

One can of foam rubber figures tinker, arising also a nice 3D effect.