"Keyboard-Washer" for PC

07-03-2018 glebanych

As reported repeatedly in television Report magazines, represents the PC keyboard is a harmful bacteria stove, in the accumulate dirt, fungi, fats and germs.

Many PC users shy away from cleaning their PC keyboard, because they fear that water could penetrate, and the keyboard is damaged.

Through the example shown here, the keyboard "upside down" hang, dripping water during cleaning to bottom, and the electronics stay dry.

Through this "overhead" arrangement, cleaning with washing-up brush, water & detergent is possible.

What is needed

  • 1.30 to 2m fishing line, 0.7mm thick
  • 2 key rings
  • 1 Cat Collar
  • 1 Drink Box

Made of fishing line

What is needed is 1.30m fishing line, which is knotted at each end permanently with a key ring.

With the fishing line is attached to the keyboard upside down in the bottle crate. Use can shorten a cord characterized by winding the cord 1-2 times around the box web. Here, the cord per winding shortened by about twelve centimeters).

With the cat collar the nylon cord is pulled taut to hold the keyboard safely.

After cleaning, the keyboard may remain for several hours in the box, and the keyboard is again upon reconnection to the PC again dry.

Alternatively, material, instead of Cat Collar: Old wrist watch, guinea-Collar, Dog Collar

Alternative technical terms for "fishing line": "Fibres", "nylon cord", "nylon cord", "craft cord"

Sources for fishing line:

  • Building Supplies
  • Craft store
  • Bargain Market / Flea Market
  • Dragon shop, angling shop