Tinker plants cachepot in cup shape made of PET bottle

07-03-2018 jytytuytutyuyt

A great plant cachepot in cup form can rapidly tinkering and looks super chic.

Planters there are galore to buy, but why not make a itself, for example, in another form.

For this project, one needs actually only

  • 1 empty PET bottle
  • 1 old CD or DVD
  • Hot glue, spray paint box cutter scissors, and

From the PET bottle to cut the carpet knife from the top, as seen in the photo. Next, you cut with scissors a few curves in the cut part of the bottle and with the hot glue gun you stuck then the inverted bottle in the middle of the CD on.

In the end only spraying with the paint and after a dry season, you have made a great planter.

Enjoy your enjoyment!