Is it safe to buy wholesale in the so-called e-commerce?

20-02-2018 baczekr

Undoubtedly, calls generate online purchases in those who have never done this type of operation, a mixture of expectations, anxiety and fear.


The lack of personal contact is a chill in the transaction that often sow distrust in those who do.


The choice of a specialized wholesale website is the first point to note for the safest action. We should mention that SoloStocks Mexico has vast years of experience in e-commerce between businesses. It can be found in the testimonies of different companies that have not only used this portal trade efficiently and safely, but also has become a major growth factor in its business structure.


Some tips for choosing the best Internet service for our purchases:

Select a vendor that has a good reputation with respect to sales made. For this you can set up a web search of the details of the company to hire, history, clients with whom he has performed other transactions, etc. Check the website of the company in which we must enter personal data and passwords, bank account number etc., is safe. The best way to check if a page is secure is by looking at the domain: all the pages containing indicate that the Web is safe. Similarly, the appearance of a closed padlock on the bottom of the toolbar is another indicator of safety. I

Dare to use the advantages of the Internet to grow your business.