Bracelets History

09-03-2018 xxendxx

In these last years, the search for new ideas, has managed to bring the jewelry to do something that until now had made books, telling stories. Creativity is the daughter of the imagination, and with much fantasy can represent our culture and our past through different colors and shapes; and especially as a detail out specifically talking and entertain all those unfamiliar with this new form of "The Passion of Jesus" until bracelets that have the culture of a land depicting the story of "Vino" through other many stories that speak of friends, colorful and even more performances for sin: Swarovski, Bohemia, Murano, etc. The particularity esque each account represents a part of the story that the pulsera.A turn each bracelet comes with a brochure explaining that means each account and tells the story: In La Rioja "Wine bracelet" In Asturias "The Cider" In Andalucia "The El Rocio" And poara the smallest find the story of "Peter Pan" to "Cinderella", "Mother", the "love" of "the most beautiful story in the world"