Avoid loud sounds while notebook

08-03-2018 kylegibbs

A notebook is a handy thing, because you can order, for example, go check your emails or work in the library. When you boot up the device, it can happen to one, however, that the computer is plenty of noises, disturbing in library or public transportation.

Many years ago, you have given me the time to do, easy to insert the plug of an old headphones into the headphone jack. Then the computer initiates the acoustic signals there and one has its peace :-)

In the photo you see my "plug into nothingness", to the end of the plug I plugged an old marker pen lid, so it does not but eventually comes to a short circuit. Cute side effect: When I am asked what the thing is there, I say, that would be my Internet antenna ... and a surprising number of people having me already believed ;-)

Who has an option to turn off the speakers of the notebook via hardware switching or has anyway always off all sounds, might not see the sense in this tip. But I have no such switch, first and second, I also often work with corporate laptops ... when you boot up the, you never know what volume the last user has set Windows!

So far me a computer is under came, who has recognized my headphone plug as "defective" and the music continued to play on the computer's internal speakers, otherwise it has always worked.