Bad habits that make you fat

16-12-2017 Aleksholm

The years pass, and unless you have a physical fantastic those that remain the same throughout life, will end up gaining weight and losing the shape.

Although malnutrition is a major factor for fat, the fact is that there are many other bad habits that make you gain weight. Here are a few of the most important, so take note and start making a change in their daily lives.

1 - Poor diet

The idea is not continuously undergo diets, but always lead a healthy and balanced diet, with a good base, where it specifically reduces the consumption of fats and sugars. Also remember that it is important to make five meals a day to let your stomach satisfied and not get hungry for the next meal, which may result in a higher consumption of calories.

2 - Lack of fiber

Cereals, fruits and vegetables can not be forgotten in our diet, because they are essential to stimulate circulation and cleanse the stomach.

3 - Little water

Consume little water can result in retention of toxins in the body that will have negative consequences on our weight. Two liters of water daily is the recommended amount.

4 - Excess salt

It is one of fluid retention causes swelling our body, so it is best to minimize their consumption.

5 - Do not maintain a regular at mealtime

Eat at different times, spending hours without eating anything and even miss a meal is bad for the body, causing him to run out of energy. Moreover, the lack of regularity in food affects our metabolism.

6 - Eat fast

It is a complete mistake for several reasons, first because the brain takes about 20 minutes to feel the fullness of the stomach and if we eat too fast we end up ingesting a higher amount of calories we need. In addition, little chew your food will make the process of digestion is slower and heavier.

7 - Lack of exercise

Physical activity is beneficial in many ways, and to maintain a good shape and help eliminate fat and toxins that the body does not need. A sedentary lifestyle is a bad habit and one of the first that should put aside.